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Home of the No Tone Wheel Tach Helper!

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My 5r110 shifted horribly with a bouncy tach and tone wheel - saved the day!       Brandon, Customer in Louisana



Ford with a Cummins engine swap


What do we do here at  We make difficult automotive swaps a reality!  Whether you are swapping engines, interiors, or other components on your truck, we make the parts to make your life easy!  We have been innovating and finding solutions for common swap problems for years, from solving tachometer problems and eliminating tone wheels, to allowing you to swap late model components like instrument clusters in your older (but still very cool) rig.  We share our customers’ passion for the vehicles they love and work every day to bring new products and solutions to market to help them achieve success!  From electronics to hard parts, is your answer for making your truck exactly what you want!

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