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My 5r110 shifted horribly with a bouncy tach and tone wheel - saved the day!       Brandon, Customer in Louisana




I share the frustrations of the swap community.  Why hasn’t the aftermarket solved the tachometer problems for Cummins swapped vehicles? Well, the answer is here.  While doing my own swap, a Cummins 12 Valve with Compound Turbos into my Ford F-350, I was dissatisfied with the options available for making my tach work. Looking around I saw bouncy tachs and ugly tone wheels.  I set out to come up with a better solution using my experience in electronics development.  What I came up with is simple yet ground breaking – use the Cummins stock tach pickup and electrically convert the signal to the signal the Ford truck needs to see.  The community has shown an overwhelming interest in products like this, so I have worked hard to develop a consumer friendly product and bring it to market.  Check back for more awesome products we are working on!

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